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The Airedale Digital Care Hub breaks new ground in the way we provide telemedicine services 24/7 to nursing and residential homes nationwide. The service has grown from delivering to 27 local homes in 2011 to currently providing telemedicine to just under 500 nursing and residential care homes across the country, supporting the footprints of no fewer than 8 Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs).

In the short time you read this page, somebody, somewhere, living in a UK care home will be benefiting from the support of our centre of excellence; the NHS’s first and only large-scale telemedicine provider.

The service is delivered via a secure two-way video link, which gives residents and staff immediate, face-to-face access to a team of senior nurses, based within the Digital Care Hub. In real-time, they monitor people on screen and provide advice, assessment and support, including onward referral if necessary. Our IT system allows access to full or summary care records to ensure safe and informed clinical decision-making. The team is supported by the skills and knowledge of our hospital’s wider team of senior doctors, consultants and specialist nurses if required.

The Hub is staffed by experienced nursing staff that have worked in a wide range of healthcare specialisms, encompassing care of the elderly; emergency medicine; intensive care; lungs and heart medicine; skin conditions and mental health, including dementia.

Airedale became an NHS England Vanguard for Enhanced Health in Care Homes in 2015. Vanguards were selected to lead on developing future blueprints for new models of care for the NHS. Evaluation of Vanguard data has demonstrated a raft of benefits.

One GP has praised it as “the greatest change in 15 years to reduce workload”.

Our service has triggered widespread media interest – from the BBC to the British Medical Journal to The Times. And we have been invited all over the world to share our expertise – from India and China to South America to 10 Downing Street.


A dedicated 24/7 telephone service for people with a serious illness who are in their last year of life, and the people looking after them. Care is provided by a team of experienced nurses who are on hand to give advice, support and guidance to help people die with dignity in the place of their choosing (usually at home).

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A highly-specialist Health in Justice service providing consultant-led secondary care support via telemedicine to prisoners residing in Prisons and Youth Offender Institutions (YOI) across the country. This service is currently available in more than 30 secure centres across the country.

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The Hub team provides access to advice and support for residents in over 500 residential and nursing homes across the country, as well as individual patients with a variety of long-term conditions. The team has full access to individuals’ care records, allowing them to give comprehensive clinical assessments, guidance on condition management, and ongoing monitoring.

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